How to setup BCO on Raspberry PI via Docker

Hardware Requirements

  • Pi 4 with at least 4GB is recommended.
  • SD Card with at least 16 GB (In order to store some historical data).
  • A direct ethernet connection to your router to reduce delays.


For ARM architectures only 64-bit BCO docker images are provided. Thus, stick to an 64-bit PI operating system to simplify the PI setup and to enjoy BCO persistance.

PI Preparation

  1. Install a fresh 64-bit Ubuntu Server on your PI Install Ubuntu Serveropen in new window
  2. Login via ssh to your PI (the installation guide includes an description on how to get the ip-address)
    1. Default ssh ubuntu@<ip-address>
  3. (Optional) Create a new user:
    1. sudo adduser <username>
    2. sudo usermod -aG sudo <username>
    3. Close ssh session CTRL-D and reconnect ssh <username>@<ip-address>

Next Step

Now, you can follow the docker setup guide.