# BCO User Documentation

# Initial Setup

  1. Download BCO Runtime
  2. Install BCO Runtime
  3. Install BCozy on your desktop pc
  4. Start BCozy and login:
    • Use the default credentials (User:admin Password:admin) for the initial login.
    • Afterwards a assistant guides you through the initial setup (not implemented yet).

# BCozy (Desktop Application)

GUI Overview Managing your devices in a menu structure is a well known approach but can end up really bad when dealing with to many entries and levels. Since inhabitants are perfectly familiar with the physical structure of their environment we thought about using such representation for the management and control purpose. Therefore, we developed BCozy to organize and control your smart environment via a 2D map. More Details about BCozy

# BComfy (Android App)

GUI Overview This Android app can be used to create a 3D representation of your environment. When scanning your rooms and your devices, their shape and arrangement are stored within the bco database. Afterwards those information are used as baseline for automation routines and visualization purpose. Once the 3D information are available, BComfy augments the smartphone camera view with virtual control elements. Those augmented reality interface is especially useful to maintain your environment. Checkout battery levels and sensor events in realtime while walking through your home. More Details about BComfy


Because the augmented reality framework is build on top of Google Tango, BCozy is currently limited to Android devices with Tango support. Developer with knowledge about AR Core are highly welcome to join our taskforce to port BComfy to the AR Core Framework.

Last Updated: 3/28/2019, 12:11:24 AM